Greetings from Tom & Debby and Full Circle Ranch B&B Inn

by tom

We’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and success and great health in 2018!

We started off 2018 with a wonderful wedding held at the ranch, the weather was beautiful as was the wedding décor, ceremony and reception a great time was had by all!

The weather is great here, please come see us soon!

Let’s start 2018 off with some fun facts about our area:

Q: What are all the canals for, and how do they work?? A: Farms and gravity. Really. The 1,265 miles of canals maintained by the Salt River Project were put there to bring water to thirsty acres of alfalfa, cotton, citrus and dates. Although there are a few pumping stations along the way, nearly all the system operates on the principle that water flows downhill. That’s what worked for the Hohokam Indians, who dug the first canals about 1,300 years ago to water their corn, beans and squash. We use that same system today. In many parts of town, the paths that line the canals are great for bike riding, walking, running and even fishing. Just not swimming.

Q: Why doesn’t Arizona practice daylight-saving time? A: Arizona, along with Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa and parts of Indiana, remains steadfastly attached to Standard Time. The Navajo Nation, however, with the exception of some state offices, does recognize daylight-saving time. In 1967, Arizona adopted daylight saving to go along with the Uniform Time Act, which tried to put the entire nation on one time system. But, after a summer of sunsets that didn’t come till nearly 9 p.m., residents realized they needed another hour of evening sun the way they needed more snakes, scorpions and snowbirds. So Arizona abandoned the plan.

Q: What is the elevation of Phoenix and other major cities? A: In Arizona, the elevation changes dramatically from 70 feet (20 meters) on the Colorado River south of Yuma, to 12,633 feet (4.000 meters) at the San Francisco Peaks north of Flagstaff. Phoenix’s elevation is 1,117 feet. Bisbee: 5300 feet. Cave Creek / Carefree: 2500 feet. Flagstaff: 7,000 feet. Grand Canyon: From 2,400 feet to over 7,000. Greer: 8,525 feet. Lake Havasu: 482 feet. Sedona: 4,400 feet. Tucson: 2,389 feet. Yuma: 145 feet.