Arizona can be a little different

Our state nickname is the Grand Canyon State. That makes sense and is sure to attract people. In fact 4.4 million people will tour the Canyon this year. But, there's plenty of room. The Canyon is immense and no one can do it justice in a day. You can say you "went" but you can't really say you "saw it." How big is it? About 2,000 square miles and home to 277 miles of rivers. At some overlooks it's more than a mile deep. Be there at sunset!

The state flower, the Saguaro (saw-where-oh) Cactus Blossom is attractive, and although it's attached to a really prickly stalk, it's often six to fifteen feet above the ground; so few people get cactus needles trying to pick one.

The cactus wren, Arizona's state bird is chirpy and brave. They'll happily come into your home if you leave a patio door ajar. They are cute, but for our money, nothing beats a roadrunner.

The state's tourism folks seem to have taken leave of their senses when they chose the Arizona Ridgenose Rattlesnake as the state's reptile. We would have voted for the thousands of tiny geckos that flitter around and bother no one.

Lots of famous people are or were Arizonans. Cochise, Geronimo, Wyatt Earp, Stuart Udall, Cesar Chavez, Sandra Day O'Connor, Linda Ronstadt, Zane Grey and Steven Spielberg are just a few. And lots of other people who just came to visit Cave Creek have stayed on permanently.

Come on. Enjoy. Stay.