Coming to Cave Creek?

You can plan on fabulous weather for just about any activity. But, let's start with some old, bad news: The hottest temperature ever recorded in Arizona was 128 degrees, in Lake Havasu where the elevation is about 1500 feet. That record was set on June 29, 1994.

Now, if you travel to Hawley Lake where the elevation is 8200 feet, it can be another story. On January 7, 1941 you can bet people stayed indoors as the temperature dropped to minus 40 degrees. That's a 168-degree spread.

Here's the great news: The average May temperature is 73 degrees and it might rain about 2/10ths of an inch. In May, the average is 82 degrees and about 1/10th of an inch of rain might fall over 30 days.

Bring short sleeves, sandals and sun screen because April and May are beautiful months to visit Full Circle Ranch.
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