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Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

The Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center began in the early 1900's. Our duty is to rescue native animals and treat them how they need to be treated and taken care of. We help the animals who are found injured, abandoned, orphaned, or who lost their homes. We take good care of them and when it is time we take them back into the wild, where they are healthy and strong, and also where they need to be.

We have helped so many innocent animals. We have grown to get attached. It breaks our hearts when we take them back into the wild, but it brings us great joy to know they are where they are supposed to be.

We have so many animals here with us. We have Black Bears- Cinnamon, Griz, Heavenly Bear, Igasho, and Tahoe. We have Bobcats- Yemaya, Catalina, and Spock. We have a Coati, who is Peanut. Our Coyote, Sangria. Our deers- Lou and Feather are both Mule Deers. We have Kit Foxes, Poblano and Jalapeno. Javelinas, names are Javelina and Jarriett. Mexican Gray Wolves- Chooli, Serenity, Penny, Leopold, Gray, Wild Bill, and Toluca. Mountain Lions- Tocho, Ash, Kino, and Pecos. Our Owl is called Moccasin. Our Tortoise is Goliath, and our Skunk is Roger.

Please come in to visit and also make a reservation, and make a furry, scaly, hairy, fluffy, big, small animal friend. We don't open this for the public, you can only come if you make an appointment. We love seeing all of your amazing faces getting to know each one of our friendly animals. They love the company and would love to see you here at the Wildlife Conservation Center. Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center is located at 27026 North 156th St Scottsdale, AZ 85262. Our phone number you can use to call is, 480-471-9109. We would love to see you here!